The Community Leather Rescue Project

This project is a joint effort between:


Each entity plays a vital part in saving our community leather, preserving that leather and its history, and sharing the histories as the leather is adopted back into the community. 

It is our goal to create a perpetual cycle in which the leather that defines us is cherished and honored as it passes from one Leatherperson to another, each adding their passions and journeys to the story of that piece, and every history being carefully preserved and shared with the community.

  • As a part of the Carter/Johnson Library & Collection, the Leather Annex serves as the driving force behind this community project. They will solicit and accept donations of community leather, collect their histories, and pass items on to Leather Rescue. Donations of leather care products and/or support funds will also be gratefully accepted.

    The Leather Annex will also become the home of any historic items that are donated. There are some items that simply must be archived in order to preserve their historic value to the community. Such items will be preserved as received and become part of the archives and/or traveling displays of CJLC Leather. These items will be maintained by Leather Rescue and their stories will be shared by both the Leather Annex and Storied Leather. 

    Due to the nature of archiving leather and other textile items, which items are considered historic will be solely at the discretion of CJLC Leather, Leather Rescue, GHCOL, and Storied Leather.